Kota Kinabalu

A gem of a place.. a 3-hour flight from Kuala Lumpur. A visit to explore the island and be the annoying loud tourist. Never thought I would actually say this… but I am going to say it anyway ..a lot more interesting things to do here than in Singapore..(sorry Singapore! Love ya too but…).

Island hopping

Manukan Island …a 15 minutes on a super speed boat ride from KK. A bit disappointing and but just being there was an experience. 

Hate the boat ride though – make sure you have your life vest on properly. Anyway, at Manukan.. I finally got to test out my new full face snorkel… Wait now..how does it go again?

Several islands to visit here but the best island ..(drumroll)..is my secret. I want to keep it to myself so that it doesn’t get over visited by tourists like you…but here’s a sneak peek…it’s so blue…just beautiful. Perfect for a water snake like me.

Of Fish and Food

If you are adventurous with food like me..you will love Kota Kinabalu. Fish is the main thing here..fresh fresh fresh. Here you go..deep sea fish in full colour. First time ever seeing a turqoise fish . Too beautiful to eat..

A first with this seaweed dish too. Googled it up before making the order ..it’s called sea grapes. Just couldn’t get enough of this and the popping feel in the mouth as you take a bite.

Eaten with a salty sour sauce. I ate the seagrapes on its own. No sauce required.. Then there’s this the sleeper lobster. First time eating that too..

All this a 100 meters away from the Hyatt Regency Kota Kinabalu. Ok..maybe 150 m. 

And in the evenings   (the sun sets early mind you) … you have this awesome food market right across the Hyatt hotel. Boats and fishermen arrive with their catch..they set up their tents and there you go… dinner.

Our dinner came from here.

Of course if you are one of those who expect proper restaurants, air conditioning and maybe A+ standards for cleanliness ..this may not be your thing..a little warning here. But hey ..I survived it! Or you can try out Welcome Restaurant (you’ll have to take a cab from the Hyatt hotel) – a chinese seafood restaurant with a section for serving (and cooking?) halal dishes. Everybody who’s ever been to Kota Kinabalu will pay the Welcome restaurant a visit. So go there. Don’t miss that or you’ve never been to KK…And the price .. unbelievably reasonable.

Mount Kinabalu

Highest peak in Malaysia. Cant see the tip for the clouds..And nope..I did not climb up…drove up to the Kinabalu Park and the foot of the mountain.

Sight seeing and taking it the awesomeness..that’s it.. 

Didn’t I say that I’m a water snake and not too keen on mountains. But the sight was breath taking. Only saw it in books and pictures previously.. But hey I’m so pleased with myself for having seen it..what an achievement for ME! I can hear you..stop it.. you’re sniggering. It’s way too cool ..


Then there is Kundasang. Not too enthusiastic about the smell at the the Desa Dairy ..it’s a cow farm ..dont know why that’s a tourist go to… but love the awesome sight of the mountains from here. Yes.. these 2 are doing a little bit of airing the armpit here ..

That’s Kundasang town.Reminded me ( a little mind you..) of Switzerland? I think it’s those colourful homes in the valley. Pretty sight anyway. 

Pearls …Pearls…More Pearls

Won’t say much but that’s my stash. Came home with this. OK let’s say it all together now...Oh  my god! Genuine fresh water and sea water pearls.Some are mine and some are not …A different set of pearl for every day of the week for this water snake!

Well what can I say …there’s so much KK has to offer this travelling water snake.Will definitely be going to KK again..soon.